Meet the Team

Martha Cattell: is a current second year PhD candidate with the History of Art Department at the Univeristy of York, working in collaboration with the Hull Maritime Museum. Her thesis explores the visual and material culture of the nineteenth century whaling Industry. It takes an object driven approach, considering materials which range from marine painting’s depicting scenes of whaling to the carved surface and materiality of scrimshaw. Her research considers the human/animal relationships such works enact, in particular the issue of animal agency and raises how this can subsequently translate into wider discussions of gender and identity.

Sky Duthie: Sky is currently in the second year of his PhD with the Department of History at the University of York. His thesis explores the place of vegetarianism within radical and leftist thought c.1790-1900.

Harrie Neal: Harrie is a second-year PhD student in the Department of English and Related Literature. Her project is centred around ecofeminist vegan philosophy and ethics in women’s novels. At the moment she is looking at the work of Mary Shelley.

Lauren McCarthy: is a third-year PhD candidate in the School of History, at the University of Leeds. Her thesis, titled Recovering a Black American Tradition of Animal Advocacy, explores how black American intellectuals have shaped ideas about animals, animal oppression and animal advocacy, from the mid-nineteenth century to the late twentieth century. She is interested particularly in the writings and activism of Frederick Douglass, Zora Neale Hurston, Dick Gregory and Alice Walker, and how their attitudes towards animals intersected with their challenges to multiple forms of human injustice.